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    Published On: Fri, Jun 7th, 2013

    Toboali Belacin: Unique Aroma of Shrimp Paste

    Bangka belacin 300x225Toboali Belacin is Real Shrimp paste

    Shrimp paste or called in Indonesian is belacan. But for Bangka people more famous with name Belacin, is the kind of seasoning. The main material of Toboali Belacin is the shrimp with salt added. Bangka people typically use Belacin for cooking lempa kuning, lempa darat, condiment and others. Made from tiny shrimps obtained by Bangka traditional fishing

    Toboali Belacin The Most famous Unique Aroma

    is the most well known center producing for its authenticity. Preservatives are used only salt, so the resulting product is a product without chemical preservatives. The treatment process is very simple, does not require sophisticated technology. Processing begins with the washing process of shrimp with use clean water. Shrimp that has been clean from impurities such as seaweed and others were given saline in the ratio every 5 (five) pounds of shrimp was added 1 (one) kilogram of salt.

    toboali belacin 300x200The next process is drying in the sun for 2 (two) consecutive days. If the sun shines all day or 3-4 days when the sun is less instensitas light. After felt quite dry which is marked by color changes slightly yellowish, if shrimp is not very smooth then the shrimp will mashed until approximately half crushed. After the first pulverization process was then carried back by forming dried shrimp processed into flat round. Drying for second time will do for 1 (one) day in the sun. After drying, processed of shrimp brooded for 1 (one) night and tomorrow will performed the second pulverization until processed destroyed and very smooth. Then when shrimp look smooth it will be belacin and we can make it with the shape and size according to taste.

    Do you like Toboali Belacin?

    The best quality obtained of Toboali Belacin is very dependent on how its processing. Drying should be done under the sun and should not be at all affected by rain. The first drying is best done on the same day when we get the shrimp. keep the Toboali belacin for long time which usually happens when the weather is not conducive to the drying process can reduce product quality. The best product obtained by processing the right and performed by an experienced person.

    Why Toboali Belacin Different ??

    Here’s the difference between Toboali Belacin with another belacan/shrimp are:
    1. Not using chemical preservatives; so that is safe for consumption.
    2. Have Possess distinctive aroma;
    3. The color is not so red; if we see Belacin with somewhat reddish colored that because that Belacin using dyes and preservatives.
    4. The main ingredient of shrimp only and no additions such as fish or the other.
    5. Only produced in the Toboali, Bangka Selatan, Bangka Island.

    Making process of Toboali Belacin begins with drying the shrimp until completely dried, after that then ground up finely and dried again. And next we mixed the salt with the composition of the three pounds of shrimp and one ounce of salt. The resulting mixture is milled again until smooth.

    Toboali Belacin have flavorful and savory taste a bit sharp because they make it with shrimp and fresh rebon. i would not be surprised if Toboali Belacin is very popular everywhere.

    To make the Best Food you have to use Toboali Belacin !!!

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