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    Published On: Sun, Aug 11th, 2013

    Rusip: Traditional Food of Bangka

    Rusip Traditional Food of Bangka1 300x225Rusip

    Or rusep or rosép is a traditional food of Bangka people. This food is made from anchovies fermented, then stored in bottles for preserved. Rusip produced evenly in every area in the regency of Bangka. But with in still small-scale business(household scale). These foods are often found in shops that selling typical food in Bangka, but some are sold directly from home to home.


    used instead of sauce for salad. With taste luscious salty suited if eaten by young cassava leaves that have been boiled, or other vegetables mixed with red onion slices along with the chili according to each individual tastes. Rice is usually eaten as a friend.

    Actually it easy to find rusip, if we go to traditional markets and saw a dish in the bottle is colored gray, and there is liquefied fish slices then it certainly is Rusip. We can buy Per bottle of rusip Usually sold for Rp. 3000, – to Rp. 15.000, – depending on the quality and quantity Rusip itself. Fish used to make any real Rusip very diverse. Some are made from small fish are bony soft, anchovy, but for number one quality of rusip is usually made from Tuna fish or Mackerel.

    Rusip Traditional Food of Bangka 300x225Here’s Recipes of rusip if you want to make it:

    Materials and equipment:

    - Fish fresh anchovies
    - Salt
    - Palm sugar

    - Basin
    - Saoki
    - Jar / bottle

    Rusip Process:

    a. Cleaned Fresh fish form dirt and dumped his head. Then washed until completely clean then drain until completely dry.

    b. Mix the fish with salt while knead until completely blended. Let stand for + 1 day in a sealed container.

    c. Cook the palm sugar with water until dissolved into the water then Let the sugar water cool.

    d. After + 1 day, open the pickled anchovies. Combine palm sugar water with pickled anchovies. Then put in a sealed container. Let stand for + 1 week. If rusip has produced a distinctive aroma and taste somewhat sour, then rusip ready for consumption.
    e. Rusip can be eaten without cooking in advance or cooked in advance according to taste by adding slices of red onion and chili.

    It’s like incomplete when eat rusip without salad icon smile
    I miss Rusip icon smile .

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