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    Published On: Sun, Aug 25th, 2013

    Lakso Bangka Foodie

    Lakso bangka 300x225Insatiable Lakso Bangka

    Bangka Island is not only famous as a producer of tin and pepper only, but it’s Paradise for food lovers. One of the famous traditional foods of Bangka is Lakso. Some people call it laksa. Main ingredient of Lakso Bangka is white noodles which made from sagu and rice flour. Blends a combination of rice flour and sagu is what will determine lakso be chewy or soft.

    Making of Lakso Bangka

    It fairly easy way to make lakso Bangka. Rice flour and sagu dough shaped like noodles using a specialized tool such as mold of Putu Mayang. Mi will be formed almost like spaghetti but larger and chewy then will be placed on top of banana leaves that have been cut a circle of palms.

    Taste of Lakso Bangka

    Daun mangkok

    daun mangkok

    Lakso Bangka basic sauce has a special flavor which blend of complete spices as Galangal, lemongrass, turmeric, nutmeg, onion, chili and fish fillet. Mackerel fish flesh flakes with a tasty yellow sauce is poured over the top lakso make it taste delicious as the sweet aroma of fish meat with spices.

    If you are a foodie, you have to taste lakso Bangka..

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