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    Published On: Sun, Sep 1st, 2013

    Bangka Kemplang the Flavor Variations

    The Name is Bangka Kemplang

    In another places, this snacks is only known by one name: cracker! But the name in Bangka Island is Kemplang.

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    Bangka Kemplang

    Bangka Kemplang or Bangka crackers is one of the typical food of Bangka Island. These foods are often found and spread in almost all areas in the Bangka Island. This crackers made from fish,squid and wheat. you can found Bangka Kemplang in many food store in Bangka especially Pangkalpinang. This shape of snack so many.There are round,square and many more.Kemplang is home industry’s food. So if you go to Bangka you can learn how to make this snack.

    The most well known as Regional manufacturing centers of Bangka Kemplang in the Bangka Island besides Sungailiat and Merawang is Belinyu. That’s why people only know Kemplang Belinyu which has a typical and good taste. Bangka Kemplang are made of tapioca flour, white fish meat usually of the tenggiri (Spanish mackerel), snakehead, belida (Chitala lopis) and jolot varieties) and salt, eggs, taste enhancer, garlic, pepper and ginger. Fish can also be replaced with shrimp or squid.

    Variation Categories of Bangka Kemplang

    Bangka Kemplang is one of snack you can found in Bangka Island and divided into two variation categories. There are Kemplang goreng Bangka and Kemplang panggang Bangka. Kemplang panggang more dry roasted and crispy, not oily. Besides two variation categories, there are also Kemplang panggang pasir Bangka. The difference between Kemplang panggang Bangka and Kemplang panggang pasir Bangka is this Kemplang is baked with buried in the white sand beaches. Thus many people believe that Bangka Kemplang contain less cholesterol.

    How To Eat Bangka Kemplang

    Bangka Kemplang1 300x229Most People are fond of eating Kemplang on its own like distraction or as side dishes and not with rice, contrary to customs in most other parts of the country. The special way of eating Kemplang is the chili paste is spread on one Kemplang, which acts as a serving plate, and all the other Kemplang are dipped into it. Once they are finished, the dipping Kemplang can finally be eaten.

    Virtually all the Bangka Kemplang varieties taste similar with a salty, crisp texture. The flavor variations are achieved by mixing the bag of chili paste with the Bangka Kemplang, and adding some soy sauce. So… Food Lovers, make Bangka Island to be the best travel deals and Bangka Kemplang as your Favorite Snack!!!.

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